Apr 12 • 19M

Water Filters: Why I Bought an Alexapure Instead of a Berkey

I came very close to buying the Berkey after a lot of research. But when it came time to pull the trigger on my purchase, one major difference appeared that made me change my mind.

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Economic collapse. Martial law. Something worse. It's time to start prepping.
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In the world of gravity water filtration systems, there are two names that rise far above everyone else. If you think one of those names is Brita, then I'm glad you're reading this and listening to the podcast because your standard water filters just won't cut it in a societal collapse and you need to know that now. Sure, they make the water taste better but that's just about it.

Berkey and Alexapure are high-dollar water filters that actually filter water. If things go south, as we expect they probably will soon, we could all find ourselves in a situation where we desperately need water to survive. You can only go about 72 hours without water before dying. If the water from your tap turns off or gets contaminated, you'll need to have alternative supplies of water and a way to filter it.

I set forth on the quest long ago of determining which of the two top water filtration systems were the best. I read reviews and watched plenty of comparison videos, and invariably they all said the same basic thing: Both filter systems are great. They work the same way, they're comparably priced, and the few real advantages for one or the other aren't really gamechangers.

One of the big differences is that Berkey is much more well known. When I finally made my decision last night, I did so knowing that my sponsor sells Alexapure but not Berkey. As much as I love supporting my sponsor, I chose to buy a Berkey (temporarily) because one of the arguments I heard in its favor made sense. There are more Berkey filters in circulation right now which means replacement parts will likely be easier to find in a crap-hits-the-fan situation. That tipped the scale for me to go to Berkey.

Then, I went to buy it. What I've seen in reviews that were made recently, some of them just a few days ago, is that both the Big Berkey 2.25 gallon filter and the Alexapure 2.25 gallon filter are around $270 each. Apparently, that changed dramatically. As of April 11, 2022, the Big Berkey is listed at BerkeyFilters.com at $387 ON SALE from $405. It was the same price without the discount on Amazon.

The Alexapure at our sponsor's site is still at $279.95, though they may follow Berkey's play and raise their prices as well. If they do, I'll be glad I bought it before the price hike.

One might say it's petty that I changed my mind over $109, but at this stage every penny counts unless you're rich. I bought the Alexapure. I also realized that the argument of more availability of replacement parts for Berkey is probably moot because in a true crap-hits-the-fan situation, how are we going to get replacement parts from them anyway? I ordered the bigger package of Alexaure with four filters and a pack of replacement parts, so I should be good to go with potable water for at least five years... assuming I can find water when the crap-hits-the-fan. That's another problem altogether, one I'll address in a future installment.

Buy your Alexapure Water Filter now.