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Prepper Basics: Get Healthy and as Active as Possible Immediately

Not everyone can, but those who can definitely should.

So, you've got your bugout bags, food supplies, water, ammo, alternative power supplies, barter items, and Bibles. You downloaded and printed out important documents and how-to guides in case the internet goes down. You have your plan mapped out and you've done a test run with your family. You're as ready as you can be for whatever happens in the near future, right?

Well, maybe. With over 70% of Americans either unfit or suffering from some sort of major medical ailment, chances are you haven't made yourself and your family as ready as you can be in case crap hits the fan. Chances are you can start improving your health situation, whether that means getting more fit or securing long-term medical requirements such as meds and equipment.

Get Fit

The first challenge isn't easy for most. For some, it's a matter of motivation. For others, you're just not able to make yourself more physically fit based on age, wounds, or conditions. I have a friend in her 70s who simply cannot get around very easily. She neither has nor needs bugout bags but she lives in a nice town, had plenty of food and water, and she carries her .22 wherever she goes.

Another friend is a prepping maniac. I'm actually jealous about how well-stocked he is in his suburban home. The challenge is he's nearly 300 pounds and three of the four other members of his family aren't skinny. I had a long conversation with him over the weekend about what he'll do if things get really bad, even in his nice neighborhood. He said he'll grab his shotgun and defend his property. That's good, but it doesn't replace the need to become fit enough to walk long distances, gather supplies, or hunt.

My status as a "late prepper" who didn't get going until 2021 sent me down a similar path. I started stocking up on supplies incrementally. My wife started a robust garden. I started learning everything I could about survival and I haven't stopped. Then, the wakeup call came last year. I was helping a friend move a couch and realized I'm not the stout running back that I was in school.

I've wasted far too much time before making it important to get fit. I am calling on all of my readers to not make the same mistake I did. When should you start improving your health? Right now. Today. Get started. Don't stop. As I noted, motivation is often the missing ingredient when it comes to eating better, exercising, and changing one's lifestyle. Well, look around. Things are already going crazy and we haven't even gotten to Election Riot Season.

Are you able to walk 10 miles with a bugout bag on your back? Could you carry a loved one to safety? Chop down a tree? Build a shelter? Fight? If any of these things are physically impossible for you, then there's nothing you can do other than build relationship with local people who can help. But if you can't do any of these things and you have nothing holding you back other than your physical fitness, then it's time to get motivated.

I've been on the keto diet for a while, but mostly for the sake of brain function. I like being as smart as possible and ketones help me to achieve that goal. But recently I've realized that I need to take advantage of the fat burning aspects of ketosis. That means exercising. It's been slower than I'd like but I've lost 15 pounds since Thanksgiving with 40 more to go.

I'm not a fan of trying to "guilt" people into doing something, but this is an exception. Don't be that person whose only excuse for not being physically ready to face apocalyptic challenges is that you're to fat, too weak, or generally too unhealthy. If you have the means today to improve your health, do it.

And it's not just fat people like me. Even those who are pretty fit can always use improvements. We've all heard many times about eating healthier but what does that really mean? The whole foods craze (not to be confused with the Amazon-owned grocer) is a righteous one on many levels. Sourcing your food, buying local, eliminated processed foods, reducing or eliminating sugars, and staying clear of seed oils are all good starts. Exercise is obviously important as well. I'm neither a nutritionist nor a personal trainer but as a conspiracy theorist I can say that whatever it takes to build back up your God-given body is worth doing now more than ever.

Secure Meds

Many medications, both minor and life-saving, can be stored for long periods of time. Others can go bad quickly. Now is the time to determine what you'll need if pharmacies are either shut down or taken over by government, in which case you'll need to "qualify" for your meds. That's a discussion for another day.

Securing meds that you can store away such as antibiotics, pain medications, and chronic illness drugs requires a bit of "gaming the system." Generally, doctors and pharmacists want you to have a limited supply. Sometimes this is due to positive reasons such as the need to adjust doses. Other times it's simply an opportunity to add more doctor's visits to their billing. So securing long-term stores of prescription medications can be challenging.

If you trust your doctor, tell them the truth. You're concerned about things going crazy with the election or whatever and you'd feel more comfortable with a long-term supply of the meds you need. If they object, don't push it. Just thank them and move along.

If your doctor won't help you, there are a couple of options. You can research over-the-counter or nature alternatives to the medications you need. Or, you can go through a more "open minded" medical operation such as Jase. For transparency, they're a sponsor, but it's important to note that I made them a sponsor AFTER I started using them. I was a customer first before learning I could get referral bonuses for recommending them. They even gave me a promo code, "RUCKER10", so my referrals could get $10 off.

Their system is simple. Sign up for a telehealth call. Talk to your doctor about the meds you need. They prescribe them and have them shipped to your door. The "Jase Case" of antibiotics is incredible (I have two) and the chronic medications they offer for challenges like diabetes and heart conditions are robust.

For those who require medicines that expire quickly, it's time to research alternatives. Again, ask your doctor. Tell them your concerns and find out what they recommend if you no longer have access to the medications they prescribe. If that doesn't work, check online. I know there are life-preserving meds that many people need to take that may not have natural or OTC alternatives, but research as best you can.

No Fear

I'm always cognizant of the fact that my prepper discussions can often concern people, even make them fearful. Don't let it get to you. For Bible-believing Christians, we know that times will get challenging but there's a literal light at the end of the tunnel. It's a good thing to be physically ready for whatever is coming our way but that's exponentially less important than being spiritually ready. If all you can do is believe in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, then it's more than enough.

Stay frosty and secure yourself and your family as best you can. If you fail because you did your best but it wasn't enough, then so be it. But if you fail because you didn't do your best to get ready, the end will be loaded with regrets.

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