"Survival food" is more expensive than the canned and dry staples you can buy at your local grocery store. Sheesh.

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Exactly as the article says.

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Why keep the disposal water containers in the sun?

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My fellow Americans

Everything for a EOTWAWKI Starts with and ends with


LIFE SAVER Water Filter System seek them

A Moonshine STILL can be made with system tools a sweat ,will need a system small fire to work !

FENTANYL This evil drug poured into the water system can be removed Thu a STILL

Than put that water Thu the Life Saver water system

Lakes an ponds will be destroyed by Fentanyl

They are not bring this much into the LAND OF THE FREE

For Drug dealers. For the ADDICTS

War by other means destroy the water destroy a whole country

Water is a MUST HAVE

My fellow American time is still on our side

Keep all your small disposable water containers.

Keep them out of the SUN

Rain water after the lights go out will need to be cleaned also

Buy an store buckets for rain water

Bicycles my fellow American use to carry your water

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