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This is a great list. And may I add? Powdered electrolyte drinks are now common place in the market, and have lots of mineras and nutrients, too.

Gatorade would be the old school equivalent- I have lots of that, too.

Anything with flavoring esp with stevia sweetener is great, sans sugar.

Stock up on stevia, too, which is perfect for hot or cold tea, coffee and anything else you want sweet.

There's also powdered chocolate milk wich is a great treat for kids (big and small) when the world is crushing around them.

Also, while a little $$ at almost $5 for an 8 pack at walmart, Bubly brand flavored sparkling waters have no sugar calories or anything artificial. Just pure subtle superb blends of mango, and coconut pineapple-just 2 of my favorites. Some flavors even have caffeine, if you can find them, which is a big bonus to me (cost saving 2 birds/1 stone theory). They're in cans so they store for years.



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