JD, your article is spot on. And for those who are wise and understand the Bible is the true Word of God, I want them to be aware that in Revelation chapters 6-19, it refers to the 7 year Tribulation. And in chapter 13:23 it warns that there will be a worldwide PHARMACEUTICAL deception. Many translations say "sorcery", but one only need check the original Greek word used in this scripture passage and it's pharmakea, from where we get the English words pharmacy and pharmaceutical. A WORLDWIDE deception.

I submit that we are seeing this lethal deception today. We're not yet in the 7 year Tribulation, which in fact begins at the signing of a soon 7 YEAR covenant between the world leader (Antichrist) and Israel. Specifically 7 years. So there will be continuing deception with drugs and injections coming. The Tribulation is approaching quickly, and we can (and should) know this because ALL he signs of it given in scripture are converging right now as they approach. Even the coming banning of certain foods (meat for example) is confirmed in scripture. 1 Timothy 4:3.

You don't have to be here for the 7 terrible years of the fulfillment of Daniel 9's 70th Seven. Jesus promised that He would remove His Church (His bride to be) out of the time of His wrath (Revelation 3:10, 1 Thessalonians 1:10). And that only makes sense, since He doesn't have wrath for His bride to be. And throughout the Word, God always removes His righteous before He sends judgment. Always.

Receive the pardon Jesus offers to ALL who call upon His name for the remission of sin. It's a free gift - you only need ask.

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Spot on from me too! What I am unsure of, is how to obtain the expensive inhalers I need ahead of time. I think they would store for a while. Other medications (allergies etc.) I could probably survive without or parse them out to last a while. Hopefully we don’t get to this stage but it’s possible. I think there will be a lot of discomfort prior to the start of the tribulation. We in America have lived such a luxurious and plentiful life that the changes coming are going to be extremely uncomfortable. My kids think we are crazy. My husband freeze dries so we have a supply of food. Not enough fruit, however.

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Thank you.

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