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Get out of the City: Dirty Bomb Drills Called "Cobalt Magnet 22" Are Happening Right Now in Texas

One does not have to be a fearmonger to think that the epicenters of potential dangers, namely cities and nearby suburbs, may not be the safest places when the crap hits the fan.

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Economic collapse. Martial law. Something worse. It's time to start prepping.
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The vast majority of my life has been spent in cities and suburbs. I have only lived short periods of time outside of areas like Los Angeles and New York City, so I'm what you might call a "city boy." But I am strongly considering moving my family away from the city and I'd suggest the same to those who have the means and the desire.

There are many reasons for this, but a new one has popped up in recent months that would never have swayed me in the past. I've heard over and over how bad things can get in the city in the event of major emergencies or terrorist attacks, but I've always dismissed them. Like I said, I'm a city boy so having access to things has always been important. But the past few months have taught me there's a good chance I won't want my family in the city when the crap starts hitting the fan, and that seems to be possible at any moment.

Case-in-Point: The radiological attack response drills that are going on in Austin, Texas, right now. I'll let Ethan Huff from Natural News describe the details below, but it's a compelling reason to consider leaving city life if possible. Many bad events can strike anywhere, city or not, but it seems very likely that a radiological attack would target the heaviest population centers.

As I said on the latest episode of The Late Prepper, it isn't all perfect in living more isolated. There are disadvantages and threats to country living that don't exist as much in cities and suburbs. With that said, it still seems like a safer bet for most. Here's Ethan with the details:

Dirty Bomb Drills Being Run in Austin, Tex., Ahead of Known Radiological Terror Cells Entering U.S.

From May 16 through May 20, the Department of Energy’s (DoE) National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) is holding a drill in Austin, Tex., that involves the use of low-flying aircraft and a simulated radiological attack.

Called “Cobalt Magnet 22,” the exercise is supposedly taking place to prepare local, state and federal agencies for the possibility of a future radiological attack. Since these drills tend to go live, however, many want to know: Is this another false flag attack in the making?

At “various locations around the city,” an announcement from the NNSA reads, “the exercise will simulate a radiological attack, enabling response personnel to practice protecting public health and safety, providing emergency relief to affected populations, and restoring essential services.”

During the exercise, personnel donned in PPE (personal protective equipment) will reportedly be seen moseying around Austin with equipment as they pretend to monitor and detect radiation, presumably from a nuclear attack.

First responders “and others,” the announcement adds ominously, will also be “staged at various locations” throughout the Texas capital as part of the drill.

“The men and women of the Nuclear Emergency Support Team – or NEST – are trained to provide decision-makers with timely, actionable scientific advice during fearful events,” says Jay Tilden, the DoE’s Deputy Under Secretary for Counterterrorism and Counterproliferation.

“Saving lives and reducing the impact of a nuclear incident requires a full understanding of what happened, who will be affected, and what the optimal response should be. NEST’s bread and butter is providing that information to local, state, and federal leaders as rapidly as possible.”

Mayor Adler and other local officials: “This is only an exercise”

In order to quell the fears of area residents who are concerned about this latest government exercise mysteriously going live, Austin Mayor Steve Adler, a raging liberal Demoncrat with “Get vaccinated!” written prominently on his Twitter handle, wrote the following in a tweet:

“During a planning exercise next week, Austinites may see teams in protective clothing using radiological equipment, low-flying aircraft gathering data, and groups of first responders and other staged at various locations. This is only an exercise.”

Along with this message, Adler shared a link to an article from The Hill explaining the exercise in further detail.

Austin Emergency Management (AEM) tweeted a similar message three days later, emphasizing that the event is “just an exercise” and not to worry or panic.

Neither the NNSA nor any other local agencies in Austin have clarified why the simulation is happening there, or whether or not Austin is under any kind of radiological or other threat that would render it a potential target.

Cobalt Magnet 22 is reminiscent of the “Jade Helm 15” exercise from 2015 that also took place in this same area of Texas, and under similarly strange circumstances.

As you may recall, the Health Ranger visited one of the sites involved in that exercise, which include “guard towers” similar to the ones used in fascist regimes to monitor prisoners being held captive behind barbed-wire fencing.

Jade Helm 15 simulated the infiltration of soldiers operating “undetected amongst civilian populations,” the purpose being to see if they could infiltrate and blend in with the general population without being noticed.

Concerning this latest exercise in Austin, Adan Salazar, writing for Infowars and Newswars, had this to say:

“The exercise comes as NATO and its allies have continued to prop up Ukraine in its war against Russia, provoking the former Soviet nation which has full nuclear capabilities. Agencies did not say the drills were in response to any type of threat from Russia.”

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